Adsense WordPress Shortcode

Adsense WordPress Shortcode: In the following simple solution, I will show you how to create a WordPress Shortcode that can be used to display your Google Adsense ads anywhere within your posts or pages. This simple function added to your Themes functions.php file, makes it very easy to include your Adsense Ads with  post or page content while you are writing the content for your blog.

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Blocking Google AdSense ads

There are times you might want to block Google AdSense text and image advertisements from showing up in your web browser. For example, if you’re an AdSense publisher and need to do some editing to your site but would like to block the ads for your own safety. Or maybe you just want to browse the web without seeing any advertisements. Either way, this quick and simple tutorial should point you in the right direction.
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Adding AdSense to WordPress category and archive results

This tutorial explains how to add Google AdSense ads to your WordPress category and archive listing result pages. Although there are plugins available to do this, it’s nice to to have full control over how and where your ads are placed. The process is fairly simple and you should be able to implement the ad placement within just a few minutes.
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Adding a banner to a single page in WordPress

This tutorial explains how to add a banner to a single page or set of pages in WordPress. This is particularly useful for those that have the desire to display a specific banner on a per page basis. For example, you might want one page to present a banner but do not want the banner to appear on your whole site. This can easily be accomplished in just a few steps, so let’s get started.

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How to easily add AdSense to your WordPress posts

Manually adding AdSense to WordPress posts is a relatively simple task that can be accomplished within just a couple of minutes. In this tutorial, we cover the process of adding the code to the singlepost.php. This will allow us to display advertisements on every post only when the post is individually viewed. There are many places within the singlepost.php to add the code, for the sake of simplicity, we are going to cover the hotspot.
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