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Specialized Romin Saddle Review

Romin Saddle Top

My Review of the Specialized Romin Saddle. In my quest to find the perfect road saddle for my Trek Madone 5.2, I came across the Specialized Romin Comp Gel Seat, a Body Geometry Saddle. The stock saddle that came with my Madone wasn't bad. However, I was beginning to experience some mild numbness while in the saddle on longer rides. So I set out to find a saddle that was open throughout the center section of the bicycle seat. As it turns out this seat is also lighter than the original. Bonus Points!

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Specialized Phenom Saddle Review

Phenom Saddle Top

My "Specialized Phenom Saddle Review". I recently purchased a Phenom Specialized Body Geometry Saddle to replace the stock seat on my Trek Ion CX. The factory saddle recently became scuffed and bent up during a bad bicycling accident. I wanted a replacement that was lightweight, similar in design, and open throughout the center section of the bicycle seat. Specialized Body Geometry Saddles look great and have performed well for me in the past, so I figured I'd try the brand again.
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