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Free Antivirus Software

Many Free Antivirus Software solutions are available for the PC. In the following Anti Virus review, I cover what is, in my opinion a few of the best Free Anti Virus protection options available to help keep your computer safe and hold those viruses at bay. Please note, as with any free Antivirus Solution, there may be some features and options that are not included with a Free Antivirus Edition. One might need to purchase a special copy to get advanced features such as live protection, email protection or browser protection.

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How to get Norton Security Scan for Free

Norton Security Scan is a Free tool created by Symantec (the creators of Norton Anti virus Software) that can be used to determine if your computer is currently protected from known threats. Norton Security Scan will check to see if your computer is currently protected and can be used to scan your computer, identifying if viruses, worms, spyware, adware or trojans are currently residing on your PC. It is a Free tool that can be used in conjunction with other Antivirus or Antispyware tools to provide maximum protection against threats.

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