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Windows XP Remote Desktop – Port Forwarding

If your trying to use the "Remote Desktop" Feature that is built into Windows XP and are Hosting your Remote Desktop PC from behind a router, you'll most likely need to open up a port in your router for forwarding. Otherwise you wont be able to remotely access your hosted computer from another PC via the internet. The following tutorial assumes that you already know how to navigate and setup port forwarding in your router and that you simply need to find out which port to forward for Remote Access. Navigating particular router software is outside of the scope of this article.

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Be the Googlebot

Want to know how it feels to be a Google Bot? Want to see those Websites how Google see's them? Well, in this article, I am going to explain how you can take a walk through the internet in Googlebot's Shoes. There are many things Googlebot see's and has access to that the regular Site visitor does not. For example, a Forum might want Google to index it's content, but yet has it's content blocked from the visitor (non-members). In this case, the Forum's content is viewable by Google, but not to the average Joe who might be visiting. So if we could just take a walk in those Googlebot Shoes, we might just find our VIP pass right? In order to walk in Google Bot's shoes, we need to change the header information that is presented to the site upon arrival. Here's how.

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