Removing the WordPress sidebar bullets

Remove bullets from the WordPress sidebar: The following tutorial is for those who use the default Kubrick WordPress theme or a derivative of it and want to remove the sidebar bullets to make for a cleaner looking blog. The bullets normally don’t appear if your using the Internet Explorer browser and although some people prefer the bulleted sidebar look, I tend to remove it on all sites I have helped develop.

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Move the Kubrick Sidebar to the left

Moving the Kubrick sidebar to the left side: The default Kubrick template that comes with WordPress is great straight out of the box. However, some people prefer to have their pages and posts laid out differently. One change I’ve seen many wish to implement is a left sidebar. By default, the sidebar is located on the right side of the page rather than the left. The following tutorial explains how to easily move the sidebar from right to left.

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How to fix the WordPress word spacing problem

When I first installed WordPress blogging software, I was impressed and thought to myself, this is much better than most of the previous open source blogging software I’ve used.

As I started to become more familiar with wordpress, I began to find some small bugs and quirks. Most of these bugs and quirks were fixed with simple update versions of wordpress and third party plugins. But there was one bug in particular that was becoming very annoying.

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