Make God Mode Windows 7 Control Panel Pin to Taskbar

Make Windows 7 God Mode Pinnable to Taskbar: In the following simple solution, I’ll show you how one way to make God Mode pinnable to the Windows 7 taskbar. God Mode is just a common name for a feature found in Windows 7 that essentially provides an Advanced Control Panel. An explorer shortcut can be created for God Mode and then pinned to the taskbar for quick access.

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Shell Commands Windows 7

The following are the Shell Commands available in Windows 7. These can be used for many things like launching paths from a command window or to create shortcuts to specific Windows 7 applications (enabling you to Pin Items to Windows 7 Taskbar). This complete list was stripped and converted from an exported FolderDescriptions registry folder found here:


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Pin Computer to Taskbar Windows 7

How to Pin Computer to Taskbar in Windows 7. Windows 7 offers a feature called Pin to Taskbar that allows you to drag and drop or right click items and Pin them to the Windows 7 Taskbar. However, some items, particularly those that are already a part of another pinned item, cannot be pinned. For example, since Computer is a part of Windows Explorer, Computer will not Pin. To fix this, we simply need to create a new shortcut that can be pinned.

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