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WordPress Hide Categories Sidebar Plugin

In the following simple solution, I will show you how to exclude or hide categories from your WordPress Sidebar by using the PHP Code Widget Plugin. In the past, I explained how to accomplish this by hard coding the changes into the WordPress wp-includes/widgets.php file. However, past methods may cause you to lose those exclusions when upgrading, if the widgets.php file has changed.

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How to – WordPress Horizontal Navigation Menu

CustomNav is a WordPress Horizontal Navigation Menu plugin for WordPress. It allows you to quickly create a simple or complex horizontal navigation menu to add to your WordPress blog. CustomNav features an easy to use CustomNav admin menu to insert or edit your button links, add styling and even contains an additional attributes input section for advanced users.

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The Randomizer WordPress Plugin

The Randomizer is a WordPress Plugin that allows an administrator to automatically include a fresh, randomly generated selection of posts to their blog footer on each and every page visit. The randomizer makes for a nice addition to any WordPress site, considering that search engines love to see dynamically changing content. Once the plugin is activated, random posts from your site are automatically loaded into the footer since the footer section is generally considered non obtrusive to the visitor.

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WordPress MyFTP Plugin

MyFTP is a file management Plugin for WordPress. It works much like a built in FTP client. Enabling the administrator to navigate, manage and "edit on the fly" all files and folders on the server where their WordPress installation is hosted. As a WordPress blogger, I've always felt the need to be able to securely manage and edit the files and folders on my server from within the WordPress administration panel. This concept means one would no longer need to rely on using a stand alone FTP client to edit, delete, upload and create files and folders. With this vision in place, and the concept now a reality, we are proud to introduce to you the MyFTP Plugin for WordPress.

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WordPress Duplicate Sidebar Widgets

The following Duplicate Sidebar Widget Plugin for WordPress allows a WordPress user to duplicate or copy sidebar widgets and use them on multiple sidebars or use the widgets more than once in the same sidebar. Duplicate Sidebar Widgets is based solely on the original Jaw Duplicate Widgets plugin. I have simply cleaned up a couple of errors, corrected the paths and made it compatible with WordPress 2.3 and beyond.

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