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Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer

Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer is a tool developed by Microsoft that can be used to test the Security of your system. It can help determine if your Computer is functioning in accordance with the Microsoft security recommendations and will then offer additional specific remedial guidance if necessary to correct security problems. I would recommend that anyone with PC and Network security concerns to download and try this tool.

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Have I been Hacked?

Anymore, computer security is just as important as Home security. You wouldn't leave your front door open when you go out for a night on the town. So why would you leave your computer open for anyone to see? Well for most people, the signs of PC entry aren't as obvious. In the following tutorial I show you some tools to use to tell if your Windows NT, XP, or 2000 PC has been hacked. Using these tools, you should be able to detect the most common hacks and tell if your system has become compromised. However, some hacks may be very hard to detect and could take some work.

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How to keep Windows XP up to date

Windows XP can be a great Operating environment. It is easy to navigate, use, and understand. However, Windows can quickly turn into a nightmare if not properly maintained and cared for. The use of good Antivirus software is crucial to keeping Windows up and running smoothly. But just as important and probably the most overlooked, is the process of keeping Windows up to date by taking advantage of Windows updates.

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