Display more than 15 recent posts – WordPress

Show More than 15 Recent Posts in WordPress 2.8 +. By default the number of recent posts that can be displayed in your WordPress sidebar is (at most 15). Maybe you want to display 30 recent posts or more? It is really a shame that the default limit is 15 posts, so in the following simple solution, I will explain how to modify the WordPress Recent Posts Sidebar Widget entry to Display More Than 15 Recent Posts.

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How to make a WordPress Page or Post use a different sidebar

How to add a second sidebar widget for use on separate pages or posts: The following tutorial covers the process of building a second widget compatible sidebar that can be used on specific pages or posts. Using a different WordPress sidebar for pages and posts allows the user to display different sidebar content on a given post or page. In addition, the user could add the duplicate sidebar widgets plugin to add the same widget content to both sidebars.

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WordPress Duplicate Sidebar Widgets

The following Duplicate Sidebar Widget Plugin for WordPress allows a WordPress user to duplicate or copy sidebar widgets and use them on multiple sidebars or use the widgets more than once in the same sidebar. Duplicate Sidebar Widgets is based solely on the original Jaw Duplicate Widgets plugin. I have simply cleaned up a couple of errors, corrected the paths and made it compatible with WordPress 2.3 and beyond.

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