How to become more successful

I’ve found by looking through my past attempts to accomplish a goal that there are a few consistant strong influences which determine whether or not I will successfully accomplish that goal.

If we picture the mind as a switch, and were to analyze these influences, categorize them then could learn to switch off the negative influences that draw from the success rate, only to proceed with positive influence one would surely become more successful, right?

So how do we learn to switch off the negative and only proceed with positive influence?
Well let’s start with a list of what TO DO to promote success:

  1. Set a positive goal (think of how the goal will help others along with yourself).
  2. Set a reward for yourself for accomplishing this goal once you reach it.
  3. Throughout the day, remind yourself of your goal and picture your success.
  4. Keep telling yourself out loud, “I WILL SUCCEED”.
  5. Plan a foundation for your goal and set any known building blocks in order.

At this point, you might not know how to fully persue your goal (unknown building blocks).

The next steps should aid you.

  1. Become keen to your environment by using your senses to pick up on anything that your surroundings might be signaling (channeling) to you may be useful resources in completing your foundation.
  2. Try to absorb all of the information you can pertaining to the foundation you have set for your goal.
  3. As you start to compile your building blocks, set aside enough time to start putting the foundation together.
  4. Track your success and continue to tell yourself “I WILL SUCCEED”.

As you gather more knowledge about the building blocks that make up the foundation for your goal and continue to compile them, you will gradually come closer to building a complete foundation from your resources, this process should continue until you have met your goal.

As you proceed to become more successful, you’ll most likely encounter negative influences. In the following examples, I’ll show you what I do to turn these into positive influence or switch them off all together.

  • I can’t seem to find enough time to work on my goal.

In this case, I would first set another goal to restructure how I manage my time.

  • People keep telling me it won’t work.

In this case I might recognise my own progress and recall how far I have already come while continuing to tell myself, “I WILL SUCCEED”. It’s always best to discuss your ideas with people who will recognise your progress and have positive feedback to give. Leave the naysayer behind!

  • I don’t have the resources to continue my goal.

In this case I might be misinterpreting what my surroundings are trying to tell me and may need to listen closer to the information that is being signaled and channeled to me.

Take note that some people may find that they have to set many smaller goals to become successful with their larger goals. We must first build a house and neighborhood before we can build a city.

These are my personal guidelines and I hope this information will in some way help you to become more successful in accomplishing your personal goals.