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Welcome! On this particular website you will find what I hope are helpful how-to tutorials and simplified solutions. Easy fixes for common issues that an average person might encounter on a regular and daily basis. Also provided are several personal reviews of products that I have had good a experience with, and enjoy using. Those are the only kind of products that I deem worthy of sharing with the rest of the world.

My goal is to offer help to others by documenting and sharing what I have learned through past experience. Hopefully you find the information provided throughout this site useful. If you notice room for improvement, please feel free to contact me with your constructive suggestions.

Latest How to Tutorials and Product Reviews

Here is a brief summary of my most recent simple solutions, informational tutorials, and product reviews.

Easily Open Task Manager on Remote Desktop

Task Manager Remote XPThe following covers How to easily Open Task Manager on Remote Desktop Connection. As I am sure you already know, the ...

Blink Not Sending Notifications to Alexa

Blink Not Sending NotificationsIs Blink not sending notifications to your Alexa Echo devices? Are your motion detection alerts and doorbell press ...

Install Windows 10 from USB

Install Windows from USBIn the following segment, I cover a nice method that can be used to Install Windows 10 from USB. Running a Windows 10 ...

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