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How to make an .htaccess file in Windows

How to make an .htaccess file in Windows; In the following simple solution, I cover the process of creating an .htaccess file from within Windows. By default, Windows does not allow you to name a file .htaccess. Instead, you will receive the error “You must type a filename”. However, we can force Windows to name the file .htaccess, here’s how.

How to create an .htaccess file from Windows

  1. From your Desktop, Right click and select New > Text Document. Right Click - Create a New Text Document
  2. Open the New Text Document.
  3. Navigate to and select File > Save As Select File > Save As
  4. (1) For “File name:” enter .htaccess (2) Next to “Save as type:” select All Files (*.*) from the drop down. (3) Click Save Save As htaccess

That’s all there is to it, you should now have an .htaccess file on your Windows Desktop.