Renew AutoSSL for Site on Cloudflare or Ezoic

Renew AutoSSL on Cloudflare: After setting up your site to go through Cloudflare and or Ezoic, you may find that cPanel AutoSSL certificates and Cloudflare or Ezoic do not get along very well. This is especially true when it comes time for certificate renewal. At which time, you are likely to encounter cPanel AutoSSL failure notices.

Sometimes, if you're lucky, you can just enable developer mode through the Cloudflare service and then simply trigger an update for a new certificate. However, if you are like many people using Cloudflare, you are setup to use a different IP address for email routing. In which case, you will need to do more than just pause the service before auto renewing a certificate.

How to Renew AutoSSL Certificate for a site on Cloudflare

Within Cloudflare for the site you plan to renew the certificate on:

  1. Disable https redirect on Cloudflare.
    SSL/TLS -> Edge Certificates (disable always use https and disable automatic https rewrites)
    cloudflare disable https
  2. Change A host Mail IP Address to match domains IP.
    DNS -> (change A mail IP to match domain IP) - revert this back to the original IP after you have renewed AutoSSL.
    Change A Host Mail IP
  3. Toggle the option to enable Cloudflare Development Mode for the domain:
    Overview -> Quick Actions -> Development Mode
    cloudflare development mode
  4. Then you'll want to purge your cache for the domain on Cloudflare:
    Overview -> Quick Actions -> Purge Cache
    purge cache cloudflare

Renewing AutoSSL Certificate for a site on Ezoic

With Ezoic, you have to Disable HTTPS redirects (if they are enabled), as AutoSSL uses http during setup.

Within the Ezoic dashboard, for the site you wish to renew the certificate on:

  1. Disable HTTPS redirect on Ezoic.
    Privacy -> SSL (turn automatic https redirect off)
    Ezoic Disable Automatic Https redirect
  2. Purge Cache
    Speed -> Caching -> Clear Cache

And Finally to Renew AutoSSL Certificates from cPanel

Here is How to Renew AutoSSL Certificates from cPanel, after you've completed the steps above pertaining to the type of setup you are using.

  1. Login to your cPanel for the domain you wish to renew the Certificate on. cpanel.domainname.tld
  2. Navigate to can select Security -> SSL/TLS Status
    cPanel Security SSL/TLS Status
  3. Then click the button to Run AutoSSL
    Run and Renew AutoSSL