WordPress - Modified Kubrick Full Sidebar Theme

I've really enjoyed using WordPress and even the default Kubrick theme. But, I am one who cannot leave anything alone, especially if it's looks and functions are generic. So I decided to pursue a few modifications to the WordPress default Kubrick theme to improve it's looks and functionality.

I personally feel that the sidebar should be included on all pages and posts for navigational purposes. However, considering Kubrick is not a wide template design, I did not want to add more than one sidebar. Three columns is to much for this template. So we simply made it so that the Kubrick sidebar is on both posts and pages.

I've also fixed the post text or word spacing problem and line spacing issues or problems common with the default WordPress Kubrick theme by replacing align justify with align left.

Installing my modified version of Kubrick with a Full Sidebar:

  1. Download and unzip KubrickFSB.zip (A KubrickFSB folder is created)
  2. Upload the "KubrickFSB" folder to your WordPress wp-content/themes directory
  3. Activate the Kubrick Full Sidebar Theme from the "Design -> Themes" section in your WordPress admin panel.

Please note: I no longer maintain this Modified version of Kubrick with a Full Sidebar. No new features will be added.