Adding AdSense Ads between WordPress posts

In the following tutorial, I explain how to place Google AdSense ads between your WordPress posts. This is similar to the tutorial on How to add AdSense Ads between posts on category pages, with the exception that this example places ads on your Blog's Main index or Home page.

How to Add AdSense Ads Between Posts

1. Log into your WordPress admin panel

2. Select Presentation -> Theme Editor from the navigation menu

3. From the Theme Editor, find and select the "Main index template" (index.php) from the list to the right

4. Find the following line

<?php if (have_posts()) : ?>

5. Above it add the following line

<?php $count = 1; ?>

6. Now find the following line

<div class="entry">

7. Add the following code directly below it (replace AdSense Code with your code)

<?php if ($count == 1) : ?>
AdSense Code
<?php endif; $count++; ?>

8. Click update file, then go view your site to confirm that the ad has been added to the first post listing.

Note: To change which post your ad is placed under, simply change the count numberExample: $count == 2 will place the ad under post 2