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How to make WordPress Permalinks work in Xampp

Xampp and similar localhost webservers that can be run from a local computer do not have mod_rewrite enabled by default. Furthermore, the AllowOverride directive is usually set to none, causing Apache to ignore an .

How to make Windows Vista admin account act like XP

How to make your Windows Vista administrative account act like an XP admin account: As we all know, with the introduction of Windows Vista has come the inclusion of many new security features. We might even consider some of these features overkill.

WordPress - Removing Post Date from Permalinks

wordpress custom permalink settingsIn the following simple solution, I cover the process of removing the (year, month, day) date from WordPress day and name based permalinks (post urls). There was a time when many professional bloggers recommended using a day and name based permalink structure.

htaccess redirect downloads to latest version

redirect downloadsIn the following segment, I cover using htaccess to redirect file downloads to the latest version of the file. Here you'll learn how to create a rewrite rule for redirecting all file download requests for earlier file versions to the latest revision.

How to Delete WordPress Post Revisions

Delete WordPress Post RevisionsHow to delete WordPress Post Revisions: The following simple solution covers how I delete or remove old post revisions from the SQL database. Back when WordPress 2.

How to Disable WordPress Post Revisions

Disable WordPress post revisionsThe following simple solution covers how to turn off or disable WordPress post revisions. Although I feel that most of the features WordPress continues to offer are constant improvements, I simply find post revisions to be distracting and annoying.

PhpMyAdmin SQL Search and Replace

SQL Search and ReplaceHow to easily SQL Search and Replace database information from PhpMyAdmin. For example quickly change all occurrences of text throughout the entire content in a WordPress database - all with one update string or command.

How to Create a CSS Pressed Button Effect

CSS Pressed Button EffectIn this tutorial, we will be creating a CSS pressed button effect. This button will have the appearance of being depressed and will include an option to stay stuck when clicked.

New Post does not show up for some people

new post doesn't showNew WordPress Post is not showing up or displaying for some people: I get this question quite frequently and in almost every case, the Post is flagged as Private. The reason most bloggers think it has been posted and is viewable to the public is because private posts are viewable to those that are logged in with administration access rights and typically after a blogger writes and publishes a post, they go View site without logging out.

Add a navigation menu to WordPress

This tutorial will explain how to add a simple Horizontal Navigation Menu to WordPress. The navigation menu or bar will allow your visitors to obtain easy access to your site and all of it's content directly from the top of each page or post.

Remove WordPress EditURI and wlwmanifest links

In the following simple solution, I show you how to remove wlwmanifest and EditURI links from the WordPress head section of your site or blog. You only need these if you plan to use Windows Live Writer to write to your WordPress blog.

Changing tags from underscores to dashes for SEO

The following tutorial covers the process of quickly and easily changing or converting your WordPress Tags from using an underscore _ to a dash - for search engine optimization. Google and other search engines do not recognize an underscore as a space.

How to Remove Comments Off Text

In the following simple tutorial, I'll cover the process of removing the Comments Off text from all of your WordPress Category or Archive lists. A WordPress Blogger might want to do this if they have disabled comments globally and no longer need to display information related to Comments.

How to Hide WordPress Categories

WordPress cat_idHow to Hide WordPress Categories: In the following simple solution, I show you how to keep a selection of categories from displaying on your WordPress pages and posts. This can be useful if you no longer wish to use or display specific categories on your site, but have already been indexed for the category content from search engines such as Google and Bing.

Blocking Google AdSense ads

get firefoxThere are times you might want to block Google AdSense text and image advertisements from showing up in your web browser. For example, if you're an AdSense publisher and need to do some editing to your site but would like to block the ads for your own safety.

Adsense WordPress Shortcode

Adsense WordPress Shortcode: In the following simple solution, I will show you how to create a WordPress Shortcode that can be used to display your Google Adsense ads anywhere within your posts or pages. This simple function added to your Themes functions.

Simple Adblock for Internet Explorer

Simple Adblock IconSimple Adblock is an Ad Blocker for the Windows Internet Explorer Browser.  Created by Simple Adblock, this adblocking browser extension for internet explorer works much like the AdBlock Plus addon does for Firefox.

WordPress Replace URL or Text in all Posts

Use YUMI to make a KASPERSKY BOOTABLE USBIn the following simple solution, I will show you how to replace all global occurrences of a URL link (or any other text) within your WordPress post content using SQL Search and Replace Query from phpMyAdmin.

Automatically Update Copyright Date - PHP

In the following simple solution, I show you how to use a little php code snippet to automatically update your WordPress Copyright Date every year (appending the new date automatically). The process is super simple, but I figured that there may be others out there looking to accomplish the same goal and thought it would be nice to post an example.

How to Embed Mp3 Music on a Website

play mp3 from siteIt is easy to Embed Mp3 Music, Audio Files, or Songs on a Website or Webpage, so that your visitors can choose to play music in the background while they browse your site. This can be accomplished via the html audio tag.

WordPress Appearance Editor Missing

Appearance EditorWordPress Appearance Editor Menu Option is Missing. I recently encountered an issue where the option to edit my theme files from the WordPress back end was gone.

’ Strange Characters in WordPress posts

After upgrading, restoring a database or moving a WordPress site, you may encounter strange characters in your WordPress posts text. It appears to be a character set or charset encoding problem where apostrophes, hyphens, quotation marks and dashes appear in posts and pages as strange characters like ’‚?

Include Adsense between PHPBB article posts

This tutorial will show you how to place google adsense ads between articles in your phpbb forum. When finished, Your forum will automatically show one ad after the first post within each article and continue on any additional pages stemming from that article.

Disable Image Attachment Pages in WordPress

WordPress Disable Image Attachment Pages. In the following simple solution, I show you one way to remove or prevent attachment pages from appearing for every image attachment you add to WordPress.

Reset Zoom in Firefox and Internet Explorer

In this Simple Solution I cover how to Reset Default Zoom Level for your Web Browser (Tested in Firefox and Internet Explorer). There are often times when you might use the Zoom feature of your Browser either intentionally or by accident.

Embed YouTube Videos in WordPress

Copy YouTube LinkEasily Put YouTube Videos in your WordPress Posts: There are many plugins available that can be used to Embed YouTube Videos into your WordPress Posts,  but did you know that a default WordPress installation already ships with this capability? Embedding those YouTube Videos into WordPress is much easier than one might think.

WordPress Double Dashes Removed on Post

WordPress Preserve Double DashesWordPress Double Dashes -- Removed on Post: By Default the WordPress formatting API automatically converts two dashes or double dashes -- to a single dash --. If you are posting code syntax or Linux command line entries on your blog, this can quickly pose a problem.

Fixing Simple Tags - WordPress 2.9 Upgrade

select the simple tags pluginOne way to Fix Simple Tags after Upgrading to WordPress 2.9; In the following simple solution, I'll show you how I fixed the Broken Simple Tags Plugin after upgrading to WordPress 2.

Bulk Delete WordPress Comments

mass delete commentsIn the Following Simple Solution I will show you how to Bulk Delete WordPress Comments directly from the WordPress database. If you have hundreds of pending WordPress comments that are mainly spam comments, it can take forever to delete them manually via the WordPress dashboard.

Disable WordPress Autosave

In the following simple solution, I cover how to Disable WordPress autosave function. Some people, myself included, are having problems with the WordPress autosave feature.

WordPress - Show more than 15 recent posts

This tutorial explains how to modify the WordPress recent posts sidebar widget entry to display more than 15 recent posts. By default the number of posts to show is (at most 15).

Margin Different in Firefox and Chrome

Margin different in Firefox and Chrome or Internet Explorer? If you have spent a good amount time messing with CSS, you may have noticed that the margin spacing set for a Class or ID can often preview different between Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer web browsers.

Customizing the WordPress WYSIWYG TinyMCE visual editor

Adding addtional buttons or tools to WordPress WYSIWYG TinyMCE visual editor: Like most people, you probably enjoy using the built in TinyMCE visual editor that is included with WordPress. However, by default the included WYSIWYG editor lacks some essential tools like font color, font size, font family and more.

Add a button to change font color in WYSIWYG

font color text toolBy default the WordPress WYSIWYG editor is pretty basic. In my opinion, the average WordPress user is probably one that does not know or care to learn a lot about html (they just want to blog).

How to easily add AdSense to your WordPress posts

Manually adding AdSense to WordPress posts is a relatively simple task that can be accomplished within just a couple of minutes. In this tutorial, we cover the process of adding the code to the singlepost.

Add a Firefox Referral Ribbon Banner to WordPress

firefox referral ribbon bannerThis tutorial covers the process of adding a Firefox referral ribbon banner to your WordPress site. If you are a Google Adsense publisher, you might be wondering how to make better use of the Adsense Firefox referral program and make a little more money by spreading the use of Firefox.

Warning: array_keys() [function.array-keys]:

warning array_keysIf your encountering a warning in WordPress stating Warning: array_keys() [function.array-keys]: The first argument should be an array in /home/yourhome/public_html/yoursite/wp-includes/widgets.

Embed PDF in WordPress

embedding a pdf file into wordpressEmbed PDF in WordPress: In the following simple solution, I'll show you how to easily embed PDF files into your WordPress posts. There are many times in which I have needed to embed PDF files into a page or post for clients, enabling a visitor to read the PDF document right from the page.

Making a WordPress post template

Do you publish WordPress posts on a regular basis which use the same structure? Maybe you have a signature or picture you would like to add to every post?

WordPress - How to change the more tag text

As a WordPress user, you may have noticed that you can insert a more tag to your posts so that only the text before this tag appears on the archive or category pages. By using the more tag, more post entries can appear on each page while still utilizing an introductory paragraph for each post.

How to add an Ultimate Tag Warrior Tag Cloud

The Ultimate Tag Warrior is an awesome plugin for WordPress that allows a Blog author to add keyword tags to your WordPress posts and pages. UTW is relatively simple to install and use, but contains many advanced features that the user can customize as well.

How to Remove the WordPress Sidebar Bullets

Looking to remove the WordPress sidebar Bullets? The following tutorial is for those who use the default WordPress theme or a derivative of it and want to remove the sidebar bullets to make for a cleaner looking blog.

Removing the limit of posts per page

Removing the WordPress post per page limit: By default, WordPress posts are limited based on the posts_per_page setting. Making many of your older posts incredibly hard to find for both search engines and readers.

How to add Related Posts to WordPress

The following tutorial illustrates how to add Related Post entries to your WordPress blog. This is done in conjunction with the Ultimate Tag Warrior plugin.

WordPress Search Button Inline after search box

The following tutorial explains how to make the WordPress search button inline after the search box in your sidebar. If your like me, you'd probably rather have the search button next to the search box rather than under the search box.

Optimizing and adding Kontera to WordPress

With the recent introduction of Kontera in text link advertising, many WordPress bloggers have been switching to or adding the new service. Kontera is a publishers advertising system based solely on contextually relevant in text keywords that are discovered in real time on a web site.

Make WordPress Page or Post use different sidebar

How to add a second sidebar widget for use on separate pages or posts: The following tutorial covers the process of building a second widget compatible sidebar that can be used on specific pages or posts. Using a different WordPress sidebar for pages and posts allows the user to display different sidebar content on a given post or page.

Change the excerpt length in WordPress

changing the wordpress excerpt lengthChange the excerpt length: There are many cases where a blog author might want to increase or decrease the length of WordPress post excerpts "the_excerpt()". Excerpts are basically condensed descriptions of your blog posts and are commonly used to provide introductory "teaser" information about the post.

Change WordPress Admin Username

delete old users and move postsChange the default WordPress admin login username: As I have previously mentioned , new WordPress installations, by default, use admin for the administrator username. This admin account provides access to the WordPress backend and grants access to all aspects of the WordPress installation.

How to change the WordPress admin username

Changing the default WordPress admin login username: By default, WordPress installations use the admin username. The admin account provides access to the WordPress backend and all characteristics of the installation.

How to remove Ultimate Tag Warrior MySQL Tables

empty and drop utw tablesUltimate Tag Warrior is pretty much obsolete (at least if your using the latest WordPress version). However, if you used to use UTW, and have since migrated to another tagging system such as the WordPress default tagging system or Simple Tags, you may want to completely remove the old Ultimate Tag Warrior tagging structure from your database to save some space and reduce clutter.

Operation Aborted error when using Lightbox

operation aborted ie errorThe following tutorial explains how to fix the "cannot open the Internet site. Operation Aborted" error that is often encountered just after implementing either the Lightbox, Lightbox 2, Thickbox or Slimbox WordPress plugins.

Disabling UAC (User Account Control) prompt in Vista

uac popup exampleIf you've used Windows Vista for any great amount of time, you have most likely seen UAC (User Account Control). UAC is that annoying, nagging, "Windows Needs your permission to continue" popup window that seems to appear whenever you attempt to run just about any program.

Help - No Static Page Option in WordPress

static pageA friend of mine contacted me the other day with the following problem: Help, I can't find the static page option in WordPress. In the newer releases of WordPress, a blogger has the option to make their entry or home page appear as a chronological list of posts (posts page) or as an introductory static page.

Add WordPress Sidebar in Posts and Pages

I've always enjoyed using WordPress blogging software from the day I first installed it. It's simple to work with, is well structured and contains an easy to navigate admin menu.

How to fix the WordPress word spacing problem

The drama of WordPress word spacing issues: When I first installed WordPress blogging software, I was impressed and thought to myself, this is much better than most of the previous open source blogging software I've used. As I started to become more familiar with WordPress, I began to find some small bugs and quirks.

Move the Kubrick Sidebar to the left

Moving the Kubrick sidebar to the left side: The default Kubrick template that comes with WordPress is great straight out of the box. However, some people prefer to have their pages and posts laid out differently.

WordPress Adding Banners to a Single Page

WordPress Adding Banners: This tutorial explains how to add a banner to a single page or set of pages in WordPress. This is particularly useful for those that have the desire to display a specific banner on a per page basis.

Remove Comments are Closed text from posts

I can't recall how many times I have been asked by numerous people how to remove the "Comments are Closed" text from the bottom of WordPress posts. So, I have decided to write a quick tutorial on the subject.

WordPress with both Static Home and latest Posts Page

wordpress static frontpage optionsThis article explains how to run a static front or home page while still resuming the chronological blog posts on another page. This basically allows a user to have both a Website and chronological Blog of the same content.

What is Google AdSense Smart Pricing

Google AdSense 'Smart Pricing' is believed to be a factor that has a direct and substantial impact on AdSense Publishers Cost Per Click earnings (CPC). Smart Pricing could be considered Google's attempt to give AdWords Advertisers the best value for their investment while helping protect the Advertiser from click fraud and from garbage pages with minimal authority.

How to customize the WordPress Login Screen

my custom wordpress login screenThe following tutorial is for those of you who want to customize and further beautify the WordPress Login Screen tailoring it to your sites look and feel. You might want to do this if you have a lot of registered members and don't want them to get bored with the default Login Screen.

How to manually upgrade WordPress

The following tutorial explains how to quickly manually upgrade WordPress to a newer version. The process is fairly straightforward and simple and shouldn't take more than a couple of minutes.

WP e-Commerce shipping to USA and Canada only

After installing the WordPress e-Commerce shopping cart Plugin, I had to do some modifications to the cart in order to get it to work the way I wanted. One of those modifications has to do with shipping.

What is a trackback and why how to use them

A TrackBack is a mechanism used for communication between blogs: if a blogger writes a new entry commenting on, or referring to, an entry found at another blog, and both blogging tools support the TrackBack protocol, then the commenting blogger can notify the other blog with a "TrackBack Ping"; the receiving blog will typically display summaries of, and links to, all the commenting entries below the original entry. This allows for conversations spanning several blogs that readers can easily follow.

WordPress Firefox and Position: Relative CSS problems

When creating or editing the content of a WordPress Cascading Style Sheet (CSS), many people neglect to take the time to check their work using multiple browsers, IE. Opera, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Navigator etc.

Adding AdSense to WordPress category and archive results

This tutorial explains how to add Google AdSense ads to your WordPress category and archive listing result pages. Although there are plugins available to do this, it's nice to to have full control over how and where your ads are placed.

WordPress broken by Plugin

At some point in time, nearly every WordPress Blogger will experience a broken WordPress blog due to the recent activation of a non compatible plugin. A broken plugin can wreak all sorts of havoc on a WordPress blog including the inability to access the WordPress administration panel.

How to Turn off trackbacks and pingbacks

The following article explains how to turn off WordPress trackbacks and pingbacks. In most cases, a WordPress Blog author might decide to disable comments if they are getting an overwhelming amount of spam.

Display Adsense Search Results Within WordPress Pages

ser3 pngPut Google adsense search results in WordPress: The results from an adsense search are by default, displayed on a google landing page. Google allows Website publishers to display these search results on their own landing page.