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PhpMyAdmin SQL Search and Replace

SQL Search and Replace

How to easily SQL Search and Replace database information from PhpMyAdmin. For example quickly change all occurrences of text throughout the entire content in a WordPress database - all with one update string or command. Using an SQL update query method is extremely helpful when you need to find and replace all occurrences of text …

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htaccess redirect downloads to latest version

In the following segment, I cover using htaccess to redirect file downloads to the latest version of the file. Here you'll learn how to create a rewrite rule for redirecting all file download requests for earlier file versions to the latest revision. For example all files from filename- to filename- should be redirected to filename-

How to Create a CSS Pressed Button Effect

CSS Pressed Button Effect

In this tutorial, we will be creating a CSS pressed button effect. This button will have the appearance of being depressed and will include an option to stay stuck when clicked. The entire process is written for beginners and makes for a simple way to begin digging into and learning style modifications.

Add a navigation menu to WordPress

This tutorial will explain how to add a simple Horizontal Navigation Menu to WordPress. The navigation menu or bar will allow your visitors to obtain easy access to your site and all of it's content directly from the top of each page or post.

How to Remove Comments Off Text

In the following simple tutorial, I'll cover the process of removing the Comments Off text from all of your WordPress Category or Archive lists. A WordPress Blogger might want to do this if they have disabled comments globally and no longer need to display information related to Comments. If you need to Globally disable WordPress …

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Adding AdSense Ads between WordPress posts

In the following tutorial, I explain how to place Google AdSense ads between your WordPress posts. This is similar to the tutorial on How to add AdSense Ads between posts on category pages, with the exception that this example places ads on your Blog's Main index or Home page.

Blocking Google AdSense ads

get firefox

There are times you might want to block Google AdSense text and image advertisements from showing up in your web browser. For example, if you're an AdSense publisher and need to do some editing to your site but would like to block the ads for your own safety. Or maybe you just want to browse …

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Adsense WordPress Shortcode

Adsense WordPress Shortcode: In the following simple solution, I will show you how to create a WordPress Shortcode that can be used to display your Google Adsense ads anywhere within your posts or pages. This simple function added to your Themes functions.php file, makes it very easy to include your Adsense Ads with  post or …

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Simple Adblock for Internet Explorer

Simple Adblock Icon

Simple Adblock is an Ad Blocker for the Windows Internet Explorer Browser.  Created by Simple Adblock, this adblocking browser extension for internet explorer works much like the AdBlock Plus addon does for Firefox. IE Adblocker might be used to block flash ads, banner ads, rich media, fly-ins and much more.