Automate WordPress Post Publishing with Post Timestamp

Automate WordPress Post Publishing: There are the many features WordPress Bloggers rarely take advantage of. One such feature is Post Timestamp. I typically use this feature when I plan to go on vacation, during holidays or when I know I will be busy with other things. The Post Timestamp settings allow me to set a drafted post to be published at a future date (let's the post go live in the future) while I am away from the computer. The following simple tutorial explains how this is accomplished.

How to Automate WordPress Post Publishing:

Login to your WordPress administration panel and begin to write a post as usual. However, don't publish the post just yet. Once you have finished writing the post, proceed with the following steps.

  1. Under the Post Status section, select the Draft option.
  2. Under Post Timestamp section, check the box to Edit timestamp and then set the date you would like the drafted post to publish.
  3. Click Publish

Automate WordPress PostsIf all went well, your post should automatically be published in the future at the date and time you set. :)