Droid X keeps Rebooting after Update

My Droid X recently began randomly rebooting shortly after an over the air Update to Gingerbread. I was receiving Random Droid X Shut Downs, Reboots, and lockups once every hour or so. In an attempt to troubleshoot the issue, I uninstalled every aftermarket application. This did not resolve the problem, and I began to wonder if faulty hardware may have been the culprit.

Before returning my three month old Droid X phone to Verizon as defective, I decided to make a last attempt by performing a complete system wipe, essentially restoring my Droid X to factory out of the box condition. Amazingly, this seemed to resolve the reboot issue. After not experiencing a reboot of my Droid X for two full days, I now consider the reboot problem resolved.


WARNING: Absolutely no warranty is being offered for this information. By proceeding, you accept full responsibility and agree not to hold me accountable for anything that might happen to your phone or PC, including but not limited to damages, loss of use, or repair/recovery costs that you might incur.

Additional Notice: Upon completion, your phone should be returned to out of the box condition. Your applications, preferences, phone history etc will all be lost. You should confirm you have backed this information up before proceeding. If you have established a Google account for your phone and are using Verizons free backup service, your contacts and installed application history can generally be restored.

What I did to fix my Droid X Random Reboot Issue

  1. Press and hold the Power Button and Power Off the Droid X.
  2. * Press and hold the Home + Power Buttons until an exclamation point in a triangle is presented on screen.
  3. * Press the Up + Down Volume Buttons to launch the "Android system recovery" menu.
  4. Using the Up and Down Volume Buttons, Highlight the option to "wipe data/factory reset" and press the Power Button to proceed.
  5. Using the Up and Down Volume Buttons, Highlight the option to "wipe cache partition" and press the Power Button to proceed.
  6. Using the Up and Down Volume Buttons, Highlight the option to "reboot system now" and press the Power Button to proceed.

If all went well, the Droid X should now boot into a fresh OS, as if it was just pulled out of the box. Hopefully, the Random Shutdown Issue is resolved as well.

*Additional Notes:

(In Step 2: Press Home + Power + Volume Down for Froyo or older versions of Android)

(In Step 3: Press the Search Button for Froyo and older versions of Android)