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How to Root Droid X

Droid Superuser

Rooting a Droid X: In the following simple solution, I cover a simple way to Root a Droid X, or almost any other Android Based Phone via Z4Root, created by RyanZA. By Rooting your phone, you obtain System Level Access, enabling you to do things with your Droid that are not possible with limited user access. Busybox is also included with Z4Root.
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Booting Droid X2 into System Recovery Mode

Droid X2 System Recovery Menu

Boot Droid X2 into Recovery Mode. In the following simple solution, I show you one way to get to System Recovery Mode on a Droid X2. The System Recovery Boot Menu on a Droid X2, effectively enables you to apply updates from the sdcard, wipe data, perform a factory reset, and wipe the cache partition. Particularly useful when installing custom Roms, reinstalling stock Roms from sdcard, and for situations when you need to return your phone to factory condition before selling it.

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Droid X2 Gingerbread Update Released

DroidX2 Gingerbread Release

Finally, Starting today 7/29/11, the long awaited Gingerbread Update is rolling out for the Droid X2. The Droid X2 Gingerbread update features Android 2.3, Blur visual improvements/New user interface, security enhancements, a download manager app, touch keyboard  chording changes, fix duplicate SMS messages, improved stability and reduced device resets/reboots, and more. Full feature changes can be seen Here

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Activating a Droid Phone on existing Verizon account

Activate a Droid on Verizon

Activated a droid phone on an existing Verizon account. Activating a replacement droid phone you purchased on eBay or elsewhere "with a clean ESN" on the Verizon network, is relatively easy… thanks to an intuitive activation page created for existing Verizon Customers. You simply provide the ESN number of the new device, your current wireless phone number, and zip code and you're good to go.

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Droid Bionic Release Date – Verizon

Droid Bionic Release Date - Verizon

Recently there has been a lot of hype surrounding Motorola's New Droid Bionic Smartphone. This next generation Android based Smartphone was initially slated for a release date earlier this year, but was postponed by Motorola for some "secret" last minute changes. In an attempt to properly inform the general public (and possibly to halt the spread of false rumors), Verizon is now offering an official newsletter for those seeking additional details and specs, including the official launch date.

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Droid X keeps Rebooting after Update

My Droid X recently began randomly rebooting shortly after an over the air Update to Gingerbread. I was receiving Random Droid X Shut Downs, Reboots, and lockups once every hour or so. In an attempt to troubleshoot the issue, I uninstalled every aftermarket application. This did not resolve the problem, and I began to wonder if faulty hardware may have been the culprit.
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Downgrade Gingerbread to Froyo

Press 1 to begin flashing your Droid X phone

How to Downgrade from Gingerbread to Froyo (Droid X). There are many people, including myself, that do not like the Gingerbread Android release. In the following simple solution, I'll show you how I reverted back to Froyo, after upgrading my Droid X to Gingerbread. This entire process can be accomplished without rooting your phone. My Droid X phone was updated to Gingerbread using the OTA update, and I reverted back without any issues, and without rooting.

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How to Reset Droid X to Factory Settings

Droid Factory Data Reset

In the following simple solution, I cover the process of resetting a Droid X, and other Android OS smart phones to "Out of the Box" Factory Settings. This process is the equivalent of reformatting, and reinstalling an Operating System your PC. All data will be wiped, and a bare Android Operating System reinstalled.

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How to Take Droid X Screenshots from Windows

Droid X Screen Capture

In the following segment, I cover How to take Screenshots with a Motorola Droid X from Windows. I find taking Droid snapshots essential for creating visual tutorials on how to navigate and use an Android based phone. Droid Screenshot Tutorials provide that extra layer of familiarity, and help assist the user in getting the task at hand accomplished.
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How to Bypass Activation Screen on Droid X

Bypass Activation Screen on Droid X

This simple solution covers "How to Bypass the Activation Screen on a Droid X", so you can use the phone without activating it. This process should work on several other Android devices as well. As an Android developer, this trick is very useful for me, as I do not want to activate my android device through Verizon, each time I wipe my system or flash a test ROM. Sometimes I prefer to try new features of the new ROM before committing to full time usage. Without this option, I would be left reactivating several times a day.

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