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How to Take Droid X Screenshots from Windows

Droid X Screen CaptureIn the following segment, I cover How to take Screenshots with a Motorola Droid X from Windows. I find taking Droid snapshots essential for creating visual tutorials on how to navigate and use an Android based phone.

How to Root Droid X

Droid SuperuserRooting a Droid X: In the following simple solution, I cover a simple way to Root a Droid X, or almost any other Android Based Phone via Z4Root, created by

Droid X2 Gingerbread Update Released

DroidX2 Gingerbread ReleaseFinally, Starting today 7/29/11, the long awaited Gingerbread Update is rolling out for the Droid X2. The Droid X2 Gingerbread update features Android 2.

Droid Bionic Release Date - Verizon

Droid Bionic Release Date   VerizonRecently there has been a lot of hype surrounding Motorola's New Droid Bionic Smartphone. This next generation Android based Smartphone was initially slated for a release date earlier this year, but was postponed by Motorola for some "secret" last minute changes.

Droid X keeps Rebooting after Update

My Droid X recently began randomly rebooting shortly after an over the air Update to Gingerbread. I was receiving Random Droid X Shut Downs, Reboots, and lockups once every hour or so.

Downgrade Gingerbread to Froyo

Press 1 to begin flashing your Droid X phoneHow to Downgrade from Gingerbread to Froyo (Droid X). There are many people, including myself, that do not like the Gingerbread Android release.

How to Reset Droid X to Factory Settings

Droid Factory Data ResetIn the following simple solution, I cover the process of resetting a Droid X, and other Android OS smart phones to "Out of the Box" Factory Settings. This process is the equivalent of reformatting, and reinstalling an Operating System your PC.

How to Bypass Activation Screen on Droid X

Bypass Activation Screen on Droid XThis simple solution covers "How to Bypass the Activation Screen on a Droid X", so you can use the phone without activating it. This process should work on several other Android devices as well.