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Fixing Simple Tags – WordPress 2.9 Upgrade

One way to Fix Simple Tags after Upgrading to WordPress 2.9; In the following simple solution, I’ll show you how I fixed the Broken Simple Tags Plugin after upgrading to WordPress 2.9. It appears that the Plugin Author has hard coded values to check the version of WordPress that is currently installed. If the value does not match, the plugin will not function.

One way to Fix Simple Tags after a WordPress 2.9 Upgrade:

  1. Login to your WordPress Dashboard
  2. Navigate to the Plugins Section and Click Editor WordPress Plugin Editor
  3. Select Simple Tags from the drop down list Select the Simple Tags Plugin
  4. Scroll down to the following line:

    if ( strpos($wp_version, ‘2.7’) !== false || strpos($wp_version, ‘2.8’) !== false ) {

    And change it to read as follows:

    if ( strpos($wp_version, ‘2.7’) !== false || strpos($wp_version, ‘2.8’) !== false || strpos($wp_version, ‘2.9’) !== false ) {

  5. Click the Update File Button to save your changes

If all goes well, your Simple Tags Plugin should now work in WordPress 2.9