How to Bypass Activation Screen on Droid X

This simple solution covers "How to Bypass the Activation Screen on a Droid X", so you can use the phone without activating it. This process should work on several other Android devices as well. As an Android developer, this trick is very useful for me, as I do not want to activate my android device through Verizon, each time I wipe my system or flash a test ROM. Sometimes I prefer to try new features of the new ROM before committing to full time usage. Without this option, I would be left reactivating several times a day.

Bypassing Activation Screen on Droid X

Bypass Activation Screen on Droid X

Starting in a clockwise motion:

  1. Begin by touching the upper left hand corner of the screen
  2. Then touch the upper right hand corner
  3. Then touch the lower right hand corner (above the gray bar)
  4. Then finally touch the lower left hand corner (above the gray bar)

You should then be taken directly to your Home Page and you can start using your inactive phone.

To activate your Droid phone after bypassing Activation:

  1. Dial *228
  2. Press 1 when prompted