How to change the WordPress admin username

Changing the default WordPress admin login username: By default, WordPress installations use the admin username. The admin account provides access to the WordPress backend and all characteristics of the installation. Since this is well known, it can become a security vulnerability. A hacker can easily perform a brute force attack on the account to retrieve the WordPress admin login password.

In the following simple solution, I'll show you how to change the admin login for WordPress to a unique login username. This should help provide more security for your WordPress installation by making the administrative login username harder to guess.

How to change the default admin WordPress login name:

  1. Using your hosts MySQL administration tool (I.E. phpmyadmin), locate and select your WordPress database
  2. From your WordPress database, locate and select the wp_users table (Note: the wp prefix may differ) and then click the browse icon
  3. Locate admin and click the edit icon
  4. Under the user_login column, change admin to your preferred WordPress administrative login name and then click go

Thats it, you should now be able to login with your new administrative WordPress login username. ;)