How to remove Ultimate Tag Warrior MySQL Tables

Ultimate Tag Warrior is pretty much obsolete (at least if your using the latest WordPress version). However, if you used to use UTW, and have since migrated to another tagging system such as the WordPress default tagging system or Simple Tags, you may want to completely remove the old Ultimate Tag Warrior tagging structure from your database to save some space and reduce clutter.

Easily remove those old UTW MySQL tables from your database:

I prefer to use a nice little database management plugin for WordPress. It allows me to manage my database from within the WordPress admin panel. You can download it HERE. Once you have the plugin installed. Proceed as follows.

  1. Login to your WordPress admin panel
  2. Navigate to Database -> Empty/Drop Tables
  3. Empty and drop UTW tables

  4. First, locate the following tables and tick their corresponding drop radio box:
    • wp_post2tag
    • wp_tag_synonyms
    • wp_tags
  5. Next, click the Empty/Drop button to drop the tables

That's it, now your Ultimate Tag Warrior database entries should be gone, leaving you with a cleaner WordPress database. ;)