Reset Zoom in Firefox and Internet Explorer

In this Simple Solution I cover how to Reset Default Zoom Level for your Web Browser (Tested in Firefox and Internet Explorer). There are often times when you might use the Zoom feature of your Browser either intentionally or by accident.  The Zoom feature allows everything on a Web Page to scale larger or smaller, making it easier to read the content by zooming in +, or fit the content into your screen by zooming out -.

How to Zoom In (Enlarge Content)

Press CTRL +

or CTRL and Mouse wheel up

How to Zoom Out (Shrink Content to Fit Page)

Press  CTRL  -

or CTRL and Mouse wheel down

How to Reset Default Zoom Level of the Browser

Press CTRL 0

It is important to note that this is  Ctrl + the zero above your keys (the zero on your numpad may not work with this approach)