Display Adsense Search Results Within WordPress Pages

Put Google adsense search results in WordPress: The results from an adsense search are by default, displayed on a google landing page. Google allows Website publishers to display these search results on their own landing page. In this tutorial, I explain this process step by step using WordPress.

Adsense Search Result WordPress Tutorial:

1. First, login to your adsense account and begin create your adsense for search code. When you get to the section labeled opening of search results page, select the option "open results within my own site".

2. Where it says "Enter URL where search results will be displayed", enter the following replacing with your site name: http://yourwebsite.com/gsearch/


3. Continue through the process of creating your adsense search code until you reach the final page displaying your search box code and your search results code.

4. Insert your search box code into your template (Example: copy code to a text sidebar widget)

5. Download the page template gsearch.zip HERE

6. Unzip gsearch.zip and extract gsearch.php to your computer

7. Upload the gsearch.php to your WordPress theme folder. Example: /wp-content/themes/default/

8. Login to your WordPress admin panel and select Write from the menu and then Write Page from the sub-menu.

9. In the Page Title area, type gsearch. Leave the Page Content blank.

10. Under Page Template, select gsearch

11. Under Post Slug, type gsearch


12. Publish the page.

13. Return to your Blog to test your new adsense search results landing page.