Ultimate Tag Warrior replacement for WordPress 2.5

Like most WordPress bloggers, you probably like to keep your WordPress up to date. However, when there are major changes done to the WordPress core, some plugins may fail to work as they used to. Such is the case with WordPress 2.3-2.5 series upgrade and Ultimate Tag Warrior. Those that were using Ultimate Tag Warrior, prior to WordPress 2.3 are likely to face some problems when performing a WordPress upgrade. This is mainly due to the fact that WordPress 2.3 and beyond includes it's own tagging structure.

The good news is that you can easily import your Ultimate Tag Warrior tags into the new WordPress 2.3+ tagging structure and then proceed to install and use a much more refined plugin called Simple Tags.

Note: Works with WordPress 2.5 and beyond as well.

Migrating from Ultimate Tag Warrior to Simple Tags:

  1. Upgrade your WordPress installation to WordPress 2.5
  2. Download the Simple Tags plugin and extract to your WordPress Plugins directory
  3. Login to your WordPress admin panel and navigate to Manage-> Import and proceed to run the Ultimate Tag Warrior import tool
  4. Once the import of your UTW tags is complete, navigate to Plugins and activate Simple Tags
  5. Now navigate to Manage-> Manage Tags and you should notice that your old Ultimate Tag Warrior Tags are listed
  6. You can go to Settings-> Simple Tags to setup the Simple Tags system

I personally like Simple Tags much better than Ultimate Tag Warrior and feel that it's a worthwhile move. It has many more features all customization can be done directly from within the Simple Tags menu.