WordPress - How to change the more tag text

As a WordPress user, you may have noticed that you can insert a more tag to your posts so that only the text before this tag appears on the archive or category pages. By using the more tag, more post entries can appear on each page while still utilizing an introductory paragraph for each post. Then, when a visitor clicks on the more tag, they are sent to the full post where they can continue to read the article. However, the default WordPress more tag simply says (more...). In the following article, I explain how to change the more tag text to a text that is more meaningful like "click here to read on!"

Changing the WordPress more tag text:

  1. From your WordPress Admin panel, navigate to Design >Theme Editor
  2. Locate and select Archives (Archive.php) from the themes list
  3. Find the following code:

    <?php the_content() ?>

  4. And change it to the following, replacing your text goes here text with what you want:

    <?php the_content('your text goes here') ?>

  5. Click Update File button and go view a category on your site.

Congratulations, your more tag text should be fixed. :)