Blink Not Sending Announcements to Alexa

Blink not sending Announcements to Alexa devices? Are Motion and Doorbell Press Announcements or notifications not being sent to your Alexa Eco devices? I recently also encountered this problem after installing an Amazon Blink Video Doorbell in our home. Once it was installed, I added the Blink Skill to Alexa so that my family could control the Blink Doorbell from our household Echo devices… As well as receive notifications from Alexa, if someone was at the door.

With the Blink Skill added to the first Echo device, Doorbell Press Announcements and Motion Detection worked fine. However, once I added the Blink Skill to the second Echo device in our household, announcements stopped working all together. Alexa was no longer sending Announcement notifications to any device.

Why was Blink Not Sending Announcements to Alexa Devices?

As it turns out the second Alexa Echo Dot is on my wife’s Alexa account which is on our family plan. And for some reason syncing a Blink Smart Home Skill to multiple accounts appears to create a conflict. Though I had announcements turned on for both devices, they simply would not play. That is, until I performed the following steps which corrected this problem, altogether. To skip to the chase, I disabled the Blink SmartHome Skill from the first Alexa account I added it to. Then re-enabled the Skill to relink it to the account.

Blink not Sending Announcements to Alexa Devices
Blink not Sending Announcements to Alexa Devices, despite the settings being active.

Making Blink Send Announcements to Alexa Devices

How I finally made Blink Send Doorbell Motion and Doorbell Press Announcements to all of our connected Alexa Echo Devices.

Note: This process assumes that the Blink Skill has already been added to all of your devices, and that even though it looks like everything is setup correctly, announcements are still not being sent.

      1. First, Login to your Amazon Alexa Account.
      2. 1.) Click More from the bottom right corner. 2.) Then click Skills & Games.
        Alexa Skills and Games
      3. 1.) Navigate to Your Skills from the Menu.  2.) Click Blink SmartHome.
        Alexa Blink Skill
      4. From Blink SmartHome, Click Settings,
        Blink Skill Settings
      5. Then, Click Disable Skill.
        Disable Blink Skill
      6. Proceed to Disable on the following page, and then you’ll be sent back to the Blink SmartHome Skill page.
      7. Now select Enable to re-enable.
        Enable Blink Skill
      8. And Proceed to Link Blink to your original Alexa account, again!
        Relink Blink to Alexa to start receiving notifications

If all went smoothly, instead of Blink Not Sending Announcements to Alexa, it should be now be sending, and your Echo devices finally announcing or notifying you!