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Free Nero 9

FREE Nero: Nero is now offering their Free Nero 9 basic, easy to use CD/DVD burning utility. This Nero 9 Free Edition is pretty much like its bigger brother Nero 9 Ultra, but without all of the additional features and amenities. Offered with only the most essential basic features you may have come to know and enjoy with other Nero burning products, Free Nero 9 is an entirely free offering with limited functionality.

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HP HDX18t + QX9300 = Supercharged Notebook

The HP HDX18t entertainment notebook PC was made available this morning from the HP Store. Featuring an 1080p capable 18.4 inch wide screen, the HDX18t can be configured to include the all new Intel Core2 QX9300 Quad core Processor for a minuscule $225. The QX9300 quad core processor has been rumored to sell for nearly $1000 when purchased separately.

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Easily enable GPS on the Alltel HTC PPC 6800

Alltel HTC PPC 6800 phones ship with internal GPS functionality disabled by default. However, the HTC PPC6800 contains a chipset that supports GPS. The Alltel wireless carrier has simply chosen not to include necessary GPS drivers with their phones. It is possible to get the HTC PPC6800 internal GPS chipset fully functional and working and simply requires installing the essential drivers to turn on the internal GPS features. The GPS on these HTC 6800's uses the 911 service to track your location. So of course this option must be turned on under your phone settings in order for tracking to work.

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Cable Splitters for Road Runner and Time Warner services

What kind of coaxial cable splitter should one use with Time Warner digital cable and Road Runner high speed internet services? We currently have Time Warner digital cable, cable phone and broadband internet services in our house. During a trial and error approach, I have come to the conclusion that 5Mhz to 2Ghz splitters tend to work the best. Currently we split our cable service coming into the house two ways, with a high definition television in one room and the telephony/cable internet modem in another room.

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The Facts about Free Credit Reports

Recently, you've probably seen or heard one or more of those commercials advertising Websites that give you your free credit report. But what you may not know is that some of those so called free credit reports come with strings attached. Some of these sites have you sign up for a supposedly free service that converts to a paid service after a trial period. If you don't cancel before the end of the trial period, the company may start charging fees to your credit card leaving you paying for a service that is actually provided by the Government for free.

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Live Linux USB Boot trend is on the rise!

One hot trend on the rise is the use of live linux. Typically live linux allows for a PC user to boot and run a linux operating system from a CD.

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