Use the Smart Life App with Treatlife Switch

Using the Smart Life app with Treatlife switch. Did you know that you can easily add a Treatlife switch to the Smart Life application? Even though the proprietary switches use their own in house application, the Smart Life app can still detect them. This is because the Treat Life App was originally derived from Smartlife utility, and shares much of the same innards.

When possible, it's usually a good idea to consolidate, group, and manage all smart home switches and devices from one single utility. Nobody likes having to use multiple pieces of software to manage a network of home devices. In the following simple solution, I cover how to add those switches to your current Smart Life App. Which should help reduce your necessary Smart Home management applications down to Smart Life and Alexa.

What is the Smart Life App?

The Smart Life app is a mobile application designed to control smart home devices such as lights, switches, cameras, thermostats, and more. It is often associated with smart home products that are compatible with the Tuya Smart platform.

The Smart Life app typically allows users to:

  1. Control Devices Remotely: Users can remotely control their smart home devices from anywhere using their smartphones or tablets connected to the internet.
  2. Set Schedules and Timers: Users can schedule their smart devices to turn on or off at specific times or set timers for certain actions, enhancing convenience and energy efficiency.
  3. Group Devices: Users can group multiple smart devices together to control them simultaneously with a single command. For example, users can create a group for all the lights in a particular room.
  4. Customize Scenes: Users can create custom scenes to automate multiple actions across different smart devices with a single command or trigger. For example, a "Goodnight" scene might turn off all lights, lock doors, and adjust the thermostat.
  5. Receive Notifications: The app may send notifications to users' devices based on specified triggers or events, such as motion detection from security cameras or doors left unlocked.
  6. Monitor Energy Usage: For compatible devices, users may be able to monitor energy usage and track statistics to better understand and manage their energy consumption.

Smart Life is just one of many apps available for managing smart home devices, but it's notable for its compatibility with a wide range of products from different manufacturers that use the Tuya Smart platform. Users often appreciate the convenience of having a single app to control multiple smart devices from various brands.

How to use the Smart Life App with Treatlife Switches

The following assumes that you already have your switch or switches installed. And that they are (quickly blinking 2 times per second), meaning they are broadcasting and ready to be detected by and added to your network using AP mode or APP Config mode. If the light is blinking slowly (once every 3 seconds), simply long press the switch for 5 seconds to change blink modes.

Note: This procedure was tested using a TreatLife 3 Way Smart Switch. I assume the single pole switches would work the same way.

  1. Establish a 2.4 Ghz Wi-Fi connection on your phone.
  2. Start the Smart Life Application.
  3. Click the + from the upper right hand corner, and select Add Device.

    Smart Life App - Add Device
    Smart Life App - Adding a New Device
  4. Next to Add Manually, scroll down and select Switch (Wi-Fi).
    Smart Life Add WiFi Switch
  5. Next, select your connected 2.4 Ghz network to use, and then click Next.
    Smart Life Select a 2.4 Ghz Network
  6. Now, ensure that your switch is blinking quickly. Then tick the box next to Confirm the indicator is blinking rapidly, and click Next. Smart Life Pairing
  7. The Smart Life App will now attempt to detect and add your TreatLife Switch.
    Smart Life Adding TreatLife Device

Treat Life Switch added to Smart Life

Once the device is detected, you will see on/off controls for your TreatLife Switch on the SmartLife App.
Smart Life App with TreatLife

Your Treat Life switch should now be added to SmartLife. Now you can proceed to add it to Alexa.

That concludes How to setup and use the Smart Life App with TreatLife.