How to Fix Adsense Notifier Password Problem

In the following simple solution, I will show you how I temporarily fixed AdSense Notifier to work with Firefox 3. The AdSense Notifier is an addon for Firefox that displays statistical information in the Firefox status bar. This Allows users to view their earnings at a glance instead of logging into the AdSense website multiple times a day. It was created by Allen Holman of mincus code and has become a quite popular addon for many AdSense users.

AdSense Notifier Password Prompting Problem in FireFox 3

AdSense Notifier has worked fine for those using Firefox 2. However, with the current release and mandatory upgrade to Firefox 3, AdSense Notifier 0.9.8 stops working. It will not remember password and will continue to nag for the password every time you launch Firefox. I have written Allen in regard to this bug and in the meantime have created a temporary fix.

Warning: The following fix worked for me, however, I am offering no warranty for this information. Proceed at your own risk.

How I fixed the AdSense Notifier Password Prompting Problem

  1. Right click This Link and select the option to save link as. Save the file as adsense.xpi
  2. Create a folder called adsense on your desktop
  3. Rename the adsense.xpi file to and extract the contents to the adsense folder
  4. Open the Install.rdf file with a text editor
  5. Replace line 33 with the following line of code and then, Save the file:
  6. Navigate to the /adsense/components/ folder and open nsAdsensenotifier.js with a text editor
  7. On line 103, replace the following line of code:
    var passwd = "";
  8. With the following line of code (replacing password with your actual password):
    var passwd = "password";
  9. Save the nsAdsensenotifier.js file
  10. Create an file from all of the files and folders "within the adsense folder". D not include the adsense folder itself!
  11. Rename the file to adsense.xpi and open it with Firefox (File > Open File)... or just drag the adsense.xpi file to a Firefox window.
  12. Let Firefox load the extension
  13. Setup your adsense username and preferences and enjoy!

If all goes well, the plugin should now function. Hopefully Allen will be able to address this bug in a future release soon.

Note: If you get an error stating:

Firefox could not install the file at


because: install script not found -204

It is because you included the AdSense directory in your zip on step 10.