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Miscellaneous Simple Solutions

Pool Chlorine Level NOT Registering after Shock

Is your pool chlorine level NOT registering after shock? If your free chlorine levels PPM (Parts Per Million), are not rising with your test strips after extensive shocking, you’re not alone. This is a common problem that many pool owners face at some point in time. Usually early on in ownership.

Block AdSense Ads with Opera Web Browser

opera pref

Unlike Firefox, the Opera Web Browser can be setup to block Google AdSense Ads without the addition of a plugin. Enabling Opera to block AdSense Advertisements is a simple process that can be done via it’s Advanced preferences as explained in the following tutorial.

How to Replace a Toilet Flapper

install new flap

How to Replace a Toilet Flapper. Generally, when a toilet tank begins to intermittently fill with water (the aftermath of flushing) when no one is using it, this is a sign that the toilet flapper needs replacing. Modern toilet flappers are made of soft rubber and can last many years. However, using harsh chemicals to …

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Change Boot Drive Lenovo Yoga

Select Boot Drive Lenovo

Change Boot Drive Lenovo Yoga. In the following tutorial, I’ll show you how to quickly access the Boot Manager to Change the Boot Device on a Lenovo Yoga 710 Laptop. For example, you might want to boot from an external USB drive instead of your local hard drive. Perhaps you wish to boot from a …

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How to Fix a Stuck Pixel


In the following simple solution, I’ll show you How to Fix a Stuck Pixel on an LCD monitor. A stuck pixel differs from a dead pixel in that, in most cases, a stuck pixel can be fixed while a dead pixel cannot be fixed. A dead pixel will generally appear as a black dot that …

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How to open SFV files

sfv association

In the following simple solution, I cover how to Open SFV files. These are files with an .sfv extension. SFV stands for Simple File Verification and is commonly used as a CRC hash checkfile to ensure that a download has not become corrupt or damaged. There may be times when you stumble upon an archive (.ZIP, …

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