Make a Bootable USB Kaspersky Rescue Disk

How do I make a Bootable USB Kaspersky Rescue Disk from the ISO file? The KRD is a free stand alone antivirus tool that was designed to scan and disinfect computers that have been infected. It is natively available as an ISO. But, in this segment we will use YUMI to boot the ISO from a USB flash drive. YUMI is also a free tool can easily create a Multiboot Bootable USB flash drive. Enabling users to install, and then run multiple ISO files from a single USB device.

Product Page: Kaspersky Rescue Disk - Product Page

How to Make a Bootable USB Kaspersky Rescue Disk

  1. Download krd.iso
  2. Download the YUMI Multiboot USB Tool
  3. Insert a USB Flash Drive and launch YUMI.
  4. (1) Select your USB drive, (2) Then Select Kaspersky Rescue Disk from the drop down list. (3) Finally, click Create.
  5. Once the tool has finished, simply restart you computer, set your system BIOS to boot from the USB device and proceed to boot.
  6. Then use the ↑↓ arrow keys to select krd.iso from the YUMI boot menu.

If all goes well, you should now be booted and running from your Kaspersky Rescue Disk USB flash drive!

You can store and run multiple ISOs from one USB drive. Simply go back and run YUMI again to put more Antivirus tools, Diagnostics Utilities, Linux Distributions, and even Windows Installers on your USB.