Protect Facebook from Hackers

It is good practice to use preventative measures to Protect your Facebook Account from Hackers. After all, fixing or even regaining access to a hacked Facebook account becomes much tougher after an account has been compromised. I am one that feels the more features available in an internet application, the more the security risk, and we all know that many features are available within Facebook. So to block the many Back Doors, Facebook offers many customizable options.

Preventing your Facebook Account from being Hacked

How can I protect Facebook from Hackers; These are the methods that I personally use, and to my knowledge, my Facebook Account has never been compromised.

Enable Facebook Secure Browsing via the HTTPS protocol

  1. While logged into Facebook, in the upper right hand corner, Click the Drop Down Arrow next to Home, and select Account Settings  Facebook Account Settings
  2. From the upper left hand corner, select Security
    Facebook Security
  3. Edit Secure Browsing, and tick the box to Browse Facebook on a secure connection (https) when possible. Then Save Changes  Facebook Secure Browsing

Revisit the Security section and setup Login Notifications, Login Approvals, and App Passwords to help keep your Facebook Account more secure.

Remove unused Apps to Protect Facebook from Hackers

  1. Visit the Apps Section (From Account Settings), and remove any applications you do not use. I don't use any Facebook applications:
    Remove Facebook Apps