The Best WordPress Plugins

My Pick of the Best WordPress Plugins. With so many great plugins available for WordPress that it can become difficult to choose which ones to install and use. Shortly after installing WordPress as my preferred Blogging software, I started looking for plugins and addons to enhance the functionality and looks of my Blog. The process started off as a trial & error affair. With so many plugins available and a substantial percentage of them being outdated, it soon became clear to me that I would have to sort out the list. In my opinion, the following plugins are of the best available for WordPress and deserve complete recognition.

WordPress Widgets

This is probably the first plugin you'll want to grab. It allows you to easily arrange the contents of your sidebar. There are also tons of great "sidebar widget" plugins available.

SEO Title Tag

One of the most important plugins for (SEO) search engine optimization. It allows you to reverse the WordPress blog name and title to show better keyword prominence.

Another WordPress Meta Plugin

Allows you to add the Meta keyword and description tags to your blog posts and pages. Some search engines still use Meta Data so it's important to optimize for it.

Google Sitemap Generator

Automatically generates Google Sitemaps for your Blog.

DiggClick for WordPress

Diggclick adds a "Digg This" button to your blog articles. Allowing the visitor to digg your posts directly from the article. It can even be used to submit the article to digg. It also keeps track of your diggs in real time.

Social Bookmarks Plugin

Adds a graphical social bookmarking list to the end of your posts. Allowing visitors to easily submit your sites content to various Social networks that you choose. I prefer this tool because it isn't heavily javascript intensive like many other social bookmarking tools.

WP Cache Plugin

As you start to build traffic to your blog, you'll soon experience a need to reduce the load on your server. The WPCache plugin for WordPress alows you to serve many more pages per second. It does this by caching each page to the server upon the first load of the page so the page doesn't have to be compiled the next time it is served.

Ninja Forms

Allows people to contact you via a submission form. This means that you don't have to expose your e-mail address anymore.

WP Database Manager

This magnificent tool allows you to manage your SQL database directly from within WordPress.

WP E-Mail

Enable your visitors to send an E-Mail of the post directly to their friends.

AdSense Inserter

An awesome plugin containing various options to totally organize and control the placement of your AdSense advertisements. It can be used for almost any advertising campaign.


Lets the visitor translate your blog into their native language. I feel this one is very important because not everyone speaks my native language.