WordPress MyFTP Plugin

MyFTP is a file management Plugin for WordPress. It works much like a built in FTP client. Enabling the administrator to navigate, manage and "edit on the fly" all files and folders on the server where their WordPress installation is hosted. As a WordPress blogger, I've always felt the need to be able to securely manage and edit the files and folders on my server from within the WordPress administration panel. This concept means one would no longer need to rely on using a stand alone FTP client to edit, delete, upload and create files and folders. With this vision in place, and the concept now a reality, we are proud to introduce to you the MyFTP Plugin for WordPress.

WordPress MyFTP

For more information, complete installation instructions and an intro to getting started with the plugin, please visit the official plugin link - THIS PLUGIN is no longer

Warning: This plugin is a VERY Powerful tool. Without using proper precautions, it is possible to do severe and irreversible damage to your WordPress installation. Please use caution when editing or deleting files on your server.