Uconnect 8.4 Clock Running Slow - How I Fixed it

The other day I realized my Uconnect 8.4 clock was running slow. It seemed the time on the Uconnect system kept creeping back several minutes per hour. I could adjust the time, and it would inaccurate several minutes later. Even after a full system reset. Finally, I stumbled upon a soft reset solution that appears to work. After several days, the clock is back to keeping accurate time.

How I fixed my Slow Uconnect 8.4 Clock

  1. Press and hold the Volume and Tune Knobs for several seconds, then release.Fixing- Inaccurate Uconnect 8.4 clock
  2. Wait for the system to reboot.
  3. Your clock will now be reset to 12:00. Adjust the time.
  4. If all went well, your clock should now be back to keeping accurate time again. ;)