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Recover a Bricked Uconnect 8.4 after failed update

Recovering a Bricked Uconnect 8.4 after failed update. While attempting to install Uconnect Software Update “SIRI UPDATE FOR UCONNECT® 8.4A_RA3_16.13.13_MY13_&_M14” via a USB flash drive, I encountered the error “Sierra Wireless: bolo file install failed”. The update process went smoothly up until Unit number 10 of 11. At step 10, Unit Name: Embedded Air Card, the process was stuck at 1%, and eventually timed out with the error “Sierra Wireless: bolo file install failed”.

Here is where the software update stuck: Uconnect Embedded Air Card

This is the final error after timeout: Sierra Wireless bolo file install failed

After the Failed Uconnect 8.4 Software Update, the update process would loop while the USB flash drive was inserted. When I removed the USB flash drive, I was constantly prompted to Please Insert Update USB. It appeared the failed Uconnect update had bricked my Uconnect 8.4. Note: It appears I must have a bad embedded air card, and this is why the updated failed to finish. At this point I simply wanted to get my Uconnect system back to partially functional order until I could get my vehicle in for service.

The following process explains how I finally unBricked Uconnect 8.4, and successfully booted back into a functional Uconnect system.

How I unBricked uConnect 8.4 after a failed update

  1. Turn Key to the Run Position.
  2. Insert update USB when prompted.Please Insert Update USB - Bricked uCOnnect 8.4
  3. Remove USB Drive while Uconnect is checking the integrity of the ISO (during Pre-Update ISO validation).Pre-update ISO validation

After this process, Uconnect successfully booted back up, and I was able to use Uconnect while waiting to schedule and get my vehicle in for service.

This concludes how I recovered from a Bricked uConnect 8.4 after a failed update. Hope it helps you!