Embed YouTube Video with Timestamp on Facebook

Have you ever wondered how to share or embed a YouTube video with timestamp on sites like Facebook? Well fortunately, some social media platforms; Facebook being one of them do automatically embed YouTube videos from a valid url when you publish the post. The shared videos can be embedded at a specific start point as well, which is nice.

Timestamp YouTube Video on Facebook

Embed YouTube Video with Timestamp Facebook
Timestamp YouTube Video Embedded on Facebook

Facebook's video sharing feature primarily focuses on native videos hosted on Facebook itself. However, at the time of this post, Facebook does support sharing, posting or embedding YouTube videos with timestamps directly within posts or comments. In fact, it automatically embeds the entire video for you, starting the video at the time you append.

How to Embed YouTube Videos in Facebook with TimeStamp

If you want to share a YouTube video starting at a specific timestamp on Facebook, you can use the following simple solution:

  1. Copy the YouTube Video Link - Locate a YouTube video you want to share, and copy the video's URL from your browser's address bar.
    Copy YouTube URL
  2. Add Timestamp to the URL - After copying the URL, append the timestamp start point to the end of the link by using the following format: &t=XXmXXs, where the XX represent minutes and seconds of the timestamp. For example, if you want to start the video at 4 minutes and 10 seconds in, your URL would look like this:
  3. Embedding the YouTube Video in a Facebook Post - Go to Facebook and create a new post. Paste the modified YouTube URL into the post text field. Facebook should recognize the link and automatically generate a preview with the timestamp included.
  4. Optionally add a description - It might be a good idea to further explain or introduce the video since once it starts playing beyond the beginning during playback. I usually add a description before the video, mentioning the specific part of the video I find interesting.

If all went well, this should result with the video embedded into your shared Facebook post like the following which is embedded into this article. Notice how this embedded video starts playing 4 minutes and 10 seconds in once the play button is pressed.

And that's one way to embed Youtube Videos in Facebook starting playback from a given point specified by the timestamp. If you found this solution helpful, please share this post with others.