SeaDoo Spark X with a 1630cc ROTAX Engine?

Are we going to see a SeaDoo Spark X with a 130hp - 170hp 1630cc ROTAX ACE engine anytime soon? BRP is likely to do something special for the tenth anniversary of the Spark. And with that, rumors have begun to circulate surrounding the idea that there may be a larger displacement offering to support a higher horsepower output. Ultimately these circulating rumors have lead to a new "Spark X" possibility. A lightweight nimble watercraft that would be tailored more to speed demons and could potentially spinoff an entirely new racing division.

2024 SeaDoo Spark X
2024 SeaDoo SPARK X with a 1630cc ACE engine = 63+ Mph

SeaDoo Spark X with 170hp 1630cc ACE does 63 mph

Kevin Shaw, the editor and chief of the Watercraft Journal recently spoke with Martin Lachance who is the Watercraft Product Development Director at BRP. While probing for more information regarding a potential Spark revamp in 2023, he received confirmation that the mainstream 1630cc ACE engine which is currently offered in several other platforms such as the Sea-Doo Gti and Switch has been swapped into the Spark hull for testing.

He was told that while testing out the 170hp variant, it was possible to reach top speeds in excess of 63mph. He was also told that if this powerplant does find its way into the production model, it will most likely be detuned to keep the consumer and BRP in the safe zone as far as liability (so possibly 130hp). However since we know that this powerplant is more than capable, there would be the potential for upgrades. Consumers might simply look to the aftermarket and reflash to a higher HP rating... seeking upgrade solutions that would be provided outside of the base level factory offering.

This is exciting news as even a lower 100-130hp output would still put the Sea-Doo Spark on par as far as performance with some of our old favorites such as the GSX-Limited or X4 hull designs like the XP, and SPX models. Perhaps conversion kits might even become available for those who have an earlier model year Spark or Trixx?

Tenth Anniversary Edition SeaDoo Spark X release date

The Tenth Anniversary Edition SeaDoo Spark X was originally slated for a 2023 release... but has evidently been delayed by BRP another production year, as Kevin outlines in his following updated video.

BRP Sea-Doo models are generally revealed during the second half of the previous model year. So for the 2024 Spark model year we can expect to see the official BRP product reveal sometime mid to late 2023. Technically the first Spark was introduced to the world in 2014, so a tenth anniversary edition "2024 Sea-Doo Spark" would theoretically be announced sometime late 2023... so I'd expect more information to slowly roll out as we progress through the year. Stay tuned!

New 2024 Sea-Doo Spark Engine possibilities

Kevin now appears to be hinting that BRP might be headed in a different direction for engine options due to safety concerns? Perhaps Sea-Doo will stick with the 900 ACE engine in the Spark and offer up either a 100-100 HP tune or turbocharged option? Or maybe they'll switch things up a bit and bring out a 2 stroke 150 HP 800 ETEC Spark? I'm still hoping for the original claim of 1630cc ROTAX ACE Spark-X.

It appears from the following clip that Martin Lachance, the vice president of BRP is reluctant to let us know exactly what is currently in the works to be released to the public. Though it's confirmed that performance changes are coming. :)

March 3 2023, Kevin Shaw causing Martin Lachance headaches in a good way over at BRP.

June 2 2023, 2024 Spark redesign thoughts and predictions from Kevin Shaw:

2024 Sea-Doo Spark Rollout and Performance Changes

Update: 8/31/2023: BRP has now updated their site - rolling out the 2024 Sea-Doo models. At this point in time they have not changed anything with regards to the engine packages offered for the Spark. It appears they are still utilizing the same Rotax ACE 900 - rated at 90 HP.

The only significant performance related change this time around seems related to the iBR trim system:

Spark New Trix Mode

New Trixx Mode unlocks new water acrobatics like reverse donuts and nosedives to add even more show-stopping fun to the ride. A revised iBR system improves stopping power for more control and maneuverability.

I don't know if BRP will be offering a Spark Limited Edition as the next year progresses. There's still hope, but I'm disappointedly not holding my breath.

P.S. If you have any insider information, please feel free to contact me, and I'll update this post to reflect the news.