Add Item to Send To Menu Windows 7 Vista

How to Add an Item to Windows 7 Send To Menu; In the following simple solution, I cover the process of customizing a Windows Vista or 7 Send To Menu. For example, I find the Right Click - Send To feature particularly useful for sending multiple images to photoshop for editing, however, photoshop isn't on the send to list, so I had to add it.

Adding Items to Send To Menu - Windows 7 or Vista

Add Item to Send To Menu

  1. Copy and Paste %APPDATA%\Microsoft\Windows\SendTo into an Explorer Window and press Enter:
    Explorer Window
  2. The Window that appears contains a list of SendTo Shortcuts (simply drag new items you wish to appear into this Window). For example, I opened another Explorer Window, browsed to my Notepad ++ folder, and then dragged and dropped the executable on to my SendTo Window: Adding Items to the Send To Menu
  3. Once finished, when you Right Mouse Click and select Send to, you should be presented with the new items you have added to the shortcut list. Send To Notepad++