Remove Recycle Bin from Desktop

In the following, I cover how to remove the recycle bin from desktop. One reason you may want to get rid of the recycle bin icon that is sitting on your Windows desktop is that you have bypassed the recycle bin and currently automatically delete files from your computer. Or maybe you just don't want to have any icons on your desktop.

Recycle Bin Icon

How to remove Recycle Bin from Desktop

Recycle Bin removal requires that you modify a registry setting. To simplify this process, I am providing a registry file you can use. You can use the following steps to remove recycle bin from desktop:

  1. Download the and extract the files to your computer
  2. Double click the delrecycle.reg file and click Yes when prompted to add the information from the file to your registryRemove Recycle Bin from Desktop

How to re-enable the Recycle Bin Icon

  1. To restore your Recycle Bin Icon, simply double click the enablerecycle.reg file also included in the zip. Select Yes when prompted to add the new information to the registry