Backup your Internet Explorer Favorite Links

Whether your migrating to a new computer or reformatting your current computer, there are many things you might want to bring with you from the current Windows Operating environment. One of those simple necessities I can't live without are my Internet Explorer favorite website links. I feel it's as important to backup my favorites as email messages and personal contacts. The following tutorial covers how to backup and restore your personal Internet Explorer favorites list.

Saving Internet Explorer favorites:

  1. Click Start-> My Computer-> C:\(This tutorial assumes Windows is installed on C drive)
  2. From the C drive, browse to Documents and Settings. then browse to your "user" folder (typically the same as your username) Example: C:\Documents and Settings\Lance (my username is Lance)
  3. Locate the favorites file folder, then copy and paste it to a new location

Restoring Internet Explorer favorites from a backup:

  1. Click Start-> My Computer-> C:\
  2. Browse to Documents and Settings and then to your "user" folder
  3. Copy your saved favorites to the "user" folder, overwriting the old favorites when prompted