Clear Cache Firefox

In the following Simple Solution, I'll show you an easy way to Clear Cache in Firefox. We will Add a Clear Cache Button to Firefox Web Browser by using an extension or addon called Clear Cache Button and then adding the button to our toolbar. This eliminates any additional steps (I.E. Ctrl + F5) that may be commonly used to Clear Firefox Cache and enables you to perform the task on demand via a single mouse click.

Adding a Clear Cache Button to Firefox:

  1. Open Firefox and go to this link: Clear Cache Button
  2. Click the "Add to Firefox" Button from the page and follow the steps to install the addon
  3. Once complete, restart your browser
  4. From the Firefox Navigation Toolbar, (1) Right Click the Home Icon and (2) Select Customize Adding Clear Cache Button to Firefox
  5. Next, (3) Left Click and Drag the Clear Cache Icon from the Customize toolbar window to your Toolbar and (4) Click DoneAdding Clear Cache Button to Firefox... Continued

There you have it! Now whenever you need to clear your Firefox Web Browser Cache , simply click the Clear Cache Icon.