How to Disable Chrome Cache

How to Completely Disable Chrome Cache on the Google Chrome Web Browser. There are often several reasons a person might want to prevent Chrome from Caching pages visited on the internet. One might assume disabling cache to be an easy option to find and set in Chrome. But currently the only setting to disable cache is embedded deep within Developer Tools. In addition, simply disabling cache from within Developer Tools only works as long as the Developer Tools window remains open. As a result that probably isn’t going to be a solid solution for the majority of users.

I doubt many Chrome browser users want to browse the Web leaving the Developer Tools Window open? I would guess that many who use the Chrome web browser do not even use Developer Tools.

Fortunately there are some simple ways to Stop Chrome from Caching Pages. Perhaps one of the easiest of methods I have found is to use the Cache Killer extension created by MaxiBlue.  This extension works by automatically clearing browser Cache before each page load. As a result, Cache Killer prevents Cache from locally being being stored at your computer.

Disable Chrome Cache with Cache Killer

  1. Add the Cache Killer extension from the Chrome Web Store to your Browser.
    Disable Chrome Cache - Cache Killer
  2. Then, to turn on Cache Killer – Click the Icon in the upper right hand corner of your browser.
    Enable Cache Killer to Disable Chrome Cache
  3. Finally, Go Browse the Internet and enjoy Cache Free browsing!

If all went well, that should be all it takes to Disable Chrome Cache.