How To Block Ads in Internet Explorer

How To Block Ads in Internet Explorer. In the Following tutorial, I cover the process of blocking Ads from displaying in Internet Explorer. Just like with AdBlock Plus in Firefox there is a similar Ad Blocker for Internet Explorer (Free Ad Blocker for IE). It comes packaged with an addon for Internet Explorer called IE7Pro and is packed with many additional plugins and features. Some key features of IE7Pro include tabbed browsing manager, spell checker, web accelerator, user agent switcher, webpage capturer, AD Blocker, Flash Block and many more user plugins.

Since this tutorial is focused on blocking Ads, were going to cover just this one feature of IE7Pro.

Note that this addon will work in Internet Explorer 6 and 7!

How to Block Ads in Internet Explorer with AdBlocker:

  1. Download IE7Pro and run the executable to perform the integration
  2. Now restart your Internet Explorer Browser
  3. You'll notice that new key features are available via the icon at the bottom of the browser as seen below:
  4. IE7 Pro Icon

  5. You can right click this Icon to enable or disable Ad Blocker or edit any of the preferences as seen below:
  6. IE7 Preferences

;) Enjoy!