How to clear the Browser Cache

In order to display any changes on a Web page, a user might click the Refresh button on the browser toolbar or press the F5 key on the keyboard. While this sometimes works, refreshing a page simply reloads the page without clearing the browser's cache. Here are some additional techniques used by specific browsers to help clear the browser's cache so you see the changes when a page is reloaded.

Clear Cache Microsoft Internet Explorer

    1. Hold down SHIFT and click on the REFRESH button in the toolbar under the menu.
    2. For Complete Cache Clearing: If you are having problems clearing out the cache, then force it by choosing from the menu TOOLS -> INTERNET OPTIONS -> TEMPORARY FILES. Click on Delete Temporary Files. You can choose the check box to delete all Internet files, but you might not want to as that will also clear all your passwords and cookies, but if you are having trouble viewing the changes on your page, go all the way.

Mozilla Firefox Clear Cache

  1. Hold down CTRL+SHIFT+R.
  2. For Complete Cache Clearing: From the browser menu, Tools -> Options -> Privacy -> Cache and select Clear.

Netscape Clear Cache

  1. From the menu, click Edit -> Preferences -> Advanced. Choose "Cache" and click both "Clear Memory Cache" and "Clear Disk Cache".

Clearing Cache on Mozilla 1.x +

  1. From the browser menu, Edit -> Preferences -> Advanced and click "Cache" and "Clear Cache".

Opera Browser Cache Clearing

  1. From the browser menu, Edit -> File -> Preferences -> History and Cache and click "Cache".

Clear Cache from Safari

  1. From the browser menu, Safari -> Reset Safari and click Reset to confirm OR Safari -> Empty Cache.