How to Download SWF files using Firefox

Easily download SFW Files. In the following tutorial I cover the process of downloading SWF (flash) video files directly to your Computer using the built in Page info/Media functionality in Firefox. Subsequently, this process enables Firefox users to download any flash swf file embedded in a webpage without using additional software.

How Can I Download SWF files?

If you do not already have it, you'll want to Download Firefox.

To download SWF files using a Firefox web browser;

  1. First, open Firefox. Then navigate to the Web page containing the embedded Flash SWF file that you want to download.
  2. Anywhere in the empty space on the page, right click and select the Page info option;
    Page Info
  3. Next, select the Media tab from the Page Info menu.
  4. Now, Scroll down the list and select the .swf file from the list. It should be listed as an embedded type.
  5. Click the Save As button to save the .swf flash file to your computer.
    Saving Embedded SWF files to your PC - Download SWF Files

Note: Furthermore, if you are need software to play back those downloaded .swf files, I recommend taking Swiff Flash Player for a spin. It is also worth mentioning that Swiff is a portable software tool.