How to dual boot Windows XP | Vista | 7 | 8

Looking to install Windows 8, 7, Vista on your PC, but don't want to get rid of Windows XP? In the following simple solution, I show you how to install Windows Vista alongside an existing installation of Windows XP. These instructions set should also work for dual booting Windows 7, 8 and others.

Upon completion, during system startup, you will be able to select to boot from Windows XP or another Windows OS. In addition, both will be installed on the same hard drive, eliminating the need to install the other Operating System to a second drive.

How to Install another Windows alongside XP

Installing Windows 8, 7 or Vista on the same drive as an existing Windows XP installation, enabling dual boot.

  1. Download the GParted ISO,
  2. Copy it along with your Windows Installer ISO to a bootable USB and then restart your PC.
  3. During system post, navigate to your BIOS or boot options and set your computer to boot from USB. Then continue to boot.
  4. From the USB boot menu that appears, select GParted.
  5. At the GParted boot screen, select (auto-configuration) and press Enter.
    GParted Partition Editor
  6. During boot, just press Enter when prompted to select the keymap and Enter again for language settings.
  7. Once GParted has loaded, right click on the main Windows XP NTFS partition (I.E. /dev/hda1) and select to Resize/Move.
    GParted Resize (Shrink) Windows XP Partition
  8. Next, using the slider, reduce the partition size to free up enough room (10GB+) to install Windows Vista, then click Resize/Move.
    Resizing Windows XP Partition with GParted
  9. Next, in order to apply the changes and resize the partition, click Apply. GParted will ask you to confirm the changes, click OK and wait for the process to finish.
  10. Once the partition has been resized, reboot your Computer.
  11. Then, at the boot menu, select to USB boot from your Windows Vista, 7, or 8.
    Select your language and then select the option to Install now.
    Installing Vista next to XP
  12. Continue until Windows prompts you on where to install.
    Select the Unallocated space option and click Next.
    Installing Vista next to XP step 2
  13. Now simply follow any onscreen instructions to complete your Windows installation.
  14. After the installation is complete, the boot manager will allow you to start Windows XP, Vista or other OS as is seen in the screenshot below:
    Vista Boot Manager