How to install Windows XP on HP DV9500 series Laptop

In the following tutorial, I outline the process of installing Windows XP on an HP dv9500 series Laptop. Most Hewlett Packard (HP) Laptops were shipped with Windows Vista, and there is minimal driver support on the HP website site for those who wish to downgrade to Windows XP. Hence the necessity for this tutorial.

We will be using nLite to create a remastered Windows XP installation disk with integrated SATA drivers, so having a working CD Recorder is essential. I would also recommend having a USB flash drive handy to hold additional drivers that will be used after installation. I've personally tested this process by downgrading an HP dv9548us notebook to Windows XP and had great success. Should work on downgrades to Windows XP on other dv9500 and dv2500 series HP laptops as well.

Note: Before proceeding, backup any important data you have saved on your PC. In addition, it's also good idea to ensure that you have created a HP recovery disk set for your computer.

You must use a Windows XP service pack 2 installation disk. Service pack 3 will cause problems and you will not be able to get sound working on your HP DV9500 series laptop with the drivers we are going to use. I repeat, you will have NO Sound on your HP DV9500 laptop if you use a Windows XP installation disk containing SP3. You can upgrade to SP3 after the install is done.

Installing Windows XP on a HP dv9500 Laptop

First we need to "create a new Windows XP installation disk integrated with SATA drive controller drivers" (Intel SATA AHCI Controller Driver). Otherwise Windows XP will not find the hard disk during the installation procedure.

  1. Download nLite and install.
  2. Download Intel SATA AHCI Controller Driver and run the executable installing to the default c:\swsetup\SP37005 path.
  3. Insert your Windows XP CD into your CD drive.
  4. Navigate to Start -> Programs -> nLite and click nLite to launch the program.
  5. Once you get to the Locating the Windows installation section, Click the Browse button and navigate to the CD drive where your Windows install CD. resides, then click OK and Next
    Locating the Windows installation
  6. Next, the program will ask you where to save the CD installation files for modification, click OK
    Save Location
  7. Next, you will need to create a folder to save to and work from. Click the Make New Folder button, type in a folder name, and click OK
    Make a Folder to save to
  8. Next, nLite will attempt to copy all files from the Windows installation disk to the folder you have created. Once it has finished, click Next
  9. Once you arrive at the Task Selection page, select the Drivers and Bootable ISO option and then click Next
    NLite Tasks
  10. Next to select the SATA drivers to integrate. Click Insert, select Single driver and navigate to the c:\swsetup\SP37005\Files and click iastor.inf and click Open
    Integrate drivers nLite
  11. Next, select "ALL" of the driver files listed and then click OK
    nLite Driver integration
  12. Next, when prompted to start the process Click OK
  13. After the process has finished, click Next till you arrive at the Bootable ISO page
  14. I prefer to Create an ISO Image and then use other software to burn the ISO to a CD.
    Create the custom Windows XP ISO
  15. Next, find your newly created ISO and burn your ISO to a CD using your preferred burning software
  16. Insert the remastered Windows XP CD into your HP dv9500 series Laptop and proceed to install Windows XP

Install Windows XP System Drivers for HP dv9500 Laptops

Windows XP should now be installed on your HP dv9500 series Laptop. Next, you will need to install the related system, audio, network and video drivers for your new XP install. I am assuming that you have a wired internet connection established, if not you will need to use another PC to download the driver pack and then extract the files to a USB device.

Note: I used the resources found HERE at Notebook Review to complete this section!

  1. Download the Driver Pack (note this is for Intel processor based systems only)
  2. Extract the Driver Pack
  3. Navigate to where you extracted the Driver Pack files and run chipset - infinst_autol.exe to install the Chipset Drivers and reboot
  4. Once rebooted, navigate back to the Driver Pack files and run intel matrix - iata78_enu.exe to install the Matrix Storage Manager Drivers and reboot once again
  5. After reboot, to install the nVidia Graphics Drivers, extract nv_gfgo_101.34-2kxp32.exe and run Setup.exe from the extracted folder. Click Continue Anyway if a popup dialog box appears warning you that the driver is unsigned
  6. To install the Audio Drivers, extract files from the realek HD audio - and run Setup.exe from the extracted folder
  7. Navigate back to the Driver Pack files and run UAA - sp32646.exe
  8. Next, extract the files from realek HD audio - and run Setup.exe from the extracted folder
  9. To install the modem drivers from the motorola modem -
  10. Next, run synaptics touchpad - sp35444.exe
  11. Next, run quicklaunch - sp34796.exe. If you get a few popup New Hardware Found windows. Choose
    one and click No, then click Next. Choose Automatic then click Finish.
  12. Proceed to install any additional drivers you might need from the Driver Pack For example: Ethernet Card or Wireless drivers

If all has gone well, your HP dv9500 series Laptop should be up and running from Windows XP with all of your peripherals working properly